The PenMatrix Digital Pen may look like a regular ballpoint pen, but that’s where the similarities end. Used in conjunction with specially designed patterned paper, it becomes one of the most useful tools any business can have.


Users complete a standard paper form using the PenMatrix Digital Pen. As they make notes the pen captures, stores and saves all handwritten information as snapshots and coordinates.


All snapshots and coordinates captured by the PenMatrix Digital Pen are uploaded to the host server. This process can be performed onsite via secure Bluetooth, or back in the office via a USB docking station.


Information collected by the pen is converted to PDF format and can be integrated into the powerful PenMatrix database and workflow system.

Looking for a data-capture solution that is simple to use and cost effective? The Colleagues PenMatrix Digital Pen is your answer. We’ve taken the convenience of a regular ballpoint pen and packed it with all the latest data-capture tools that enable onsite staff to record, track and disseminate project-critical data instantly.

Simple Data Capture

Despite its size, the PenMatrix Digital Pen is a powerful piece of technology. Each PenMatrix Digital Pen has a camera, a micro image-processing unit and a Bluetooth receiver built in, enabling any member of your team to capture, store and send digital handwritten information quickly.

As you write with standard ballpoint ink, a camera inside the barrel of the PenMatrix Digital Pen records each stroke made on the paper. These strokes are converted to coordinates that the pen tracks, records and stores. The pen knows what was written, when it was written and who wrote it.

No need to retrain

One of the biggest issues with implementing new technology is the necessity to retrain staff. With the PenMatrix Digital Pen, this is simply not an issue. The PenMatrix Digital Pen looks and acts exactly like a regular ballpoint pen. Staff will use it in exactly the same way. The only difference is that the pen records, collates and collects that data being written and uploads it to a secure portal.

The award-winning PenMatrix Digital Pen has been designed for fast adoption by all users, regardless of skill level.


All data recorded and sent by the PenMatrix Digital Pen is protected by 448-bit encryption. Information captured when using PenMatrix Digital Pen is time and date stamped and can be audited at any time.


  • A familiar tool with extra functionality.
  • A cost effective solution.
  • Helps to save time and money.
  • Instantly records what is written.
  • High-level security and encryption of data.
  • Easy to use.
  • No retraining necessary.
  • Distributes information quickly and easily.
  • Fits seamlessly into your process.
  • Part of a scalable solution.
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  • Digital Pen is no bigger than a ballpoint.
  • Uses standard ballpoint ink.
  • Packed with data-capture and processing technology.
  • Data is uploaded via 448-bit encryption.
  • Uses Bluetooth or a USB docking station to sync.
  • Data collected is stored as a PDF.
  • PDFs then translated to text for reporting ease.
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